I am a Lucille J. Atkins and I am 38 years old. And I write blog and book and speed out the world. And I all ready published 12 books in my carrier and almost 250 article wire down and published to my blog.

I love to make the recipe and my view is all kind vegetable and how to mix and together and make taste recipe for my blogger who are interested about my blog.

When I was start I was only 12 years old and I am school going girl. This time I am start blogging and worked with kitchen with my mother and help to my family members

Now i build an area about blogging my flower almost 5 million and they help me sustain this way of life.

Many of my flower help me and suggest me how to increase myself and to do the work nicely. Almost I published 280 recipe on my website and make a world of recipe and now I tell to all that I make a world .

I am focus on the health my flower and concert about the health benefit and how to they are will be benefited to flow my blog or website and first time I mention the extra tips with my recipe. So that my flower like that way.

So do you have any suggestion any complain about my blog feel free to contract with my in blog. Your suggestion and advice can influence me to make the better work.